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Entry #1

Top Ten Video Games (In my book)

2010-10-14 18:24:41 by RocketGamer10

#3:MAFIA 2

And thats it for this week.Make sure you put your own favorites in the comments.

Top Ten Video Games (In my book)


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2010-10-14 18:39:34

Yeah.....dude comeone, those are mostly what is just hot right now, you want to know what are good games, look at the games that you still play after years.
10: Donkey Kong Country
9: Super Mario world
8: Pokemon red
7: Conkers bad fur day
6: Zombies Ate my neighbors
5: Street Fighter
4: Time crisis<shut up:P>
3: Pac man
2: Halo Combat Evolved
1: Fable


2010-10-14 19:27:28

10: Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon
9: Super Smash Bros Melee
8: Modern Warfare 2
7: Fallout 3
6: Super Mario Sunshine
5: Timeshift
4: Dead Rising 2
3: Bad Company 2
2: Halo Reach
1: Okami


2010-10-14 19:35:11

Yeah, those are good games.

I know SSBB is a fighter and beat-em-up.
But there is NO beat-em-ups compared to these two.
I LOVE beat-em-ups.

God Hand ezR-I

Viewtiful Joe 1Njk8

Mad World bgrI0

REALLY? Dante's Inferno vs God of War?
Well....when it comes to adventure games, I LOVE "Shadow of the Colossus" It's more like a spiritual experience than a game. Not allot of battles, but more about getting lost in the world. aqJrs

There are 3 games in total from the same creator - Ico, Colossus, and Last Guardian coming 2011. Be sure to play them as the first two are hard to find.

(Updated ) RocketGamer10 responds:

If they made a game where Dante met the God of War,Dante would kick his ass XD


2010-10-15 04:50:31

You sure?

I mean yeah Dante's pretty bad ass....but think about Greek vs Christian mythology....who has the badder God of the Dead? Grim Reaper or Hattes?

I mean...have you PLAYED God of War 3?

Although if I had a fan-fic choice...I would root for Gene of God Hand.

The only man to possess the right arm of God HIMself. Puts the beat-down on the devil with his bare hands! xrf9c

RocketGamer10 responds:

Well greek mythology ain't real, I played it before and i beat it in like 3 days.Also because Dante's Inferno is harder.


2010-10-15 18:25:27


Obviously he has an Xbox360...

And props for making MW2 #10, because in my opinion all the 7 yr olds with mics and noobtubers ruined the game. Good story though.

Also, Call of Duty Black Ops isn't out yet... ....

#1. Uncharted 2: Among Theives

#2. Assassin's Creed II

#3. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

#4. God of War series ( they're all pretty much on the same level, mainly GOW3 though ^__^ )

#5. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

#6. We <3 Katamari

#7. Pokemon Pearl / Diamond

#8. Kingdom Hearts ( 1 + 2 )

#9. Soulcalibur IV ( Bandai / Namco really gives you A LOT of stuff to do )

#10. Call Of Duty: World At War

I don't know if this is my personal list but I can't wait for Black Ops, Treyarch is such a good company. People give them hate. Well I say give 'em hell.

I haven't played Viewitful Joe... but I loved the visuals... wish they could revive it somehow....