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Review on my newest game:The MotherShip

2010-10-16 10:27:28 by RocketGamer10

I never knew the game would get so popular over night!People have been sending me messages about putting it on other sites, I'm ok with it, it's gonna need a lot of publitcity to make it to front page.Also, a lot of complaints about the pipes and how you can't jump on most of them, thats what makes the game more challenging, I mean seriously, I'm not gonna just put a random switch that you can just pull and down comes the ladder.Nah to easy.Also not as much complaints about this part cause most people hav'nt made it that far, but the ending is hard for people who make it to it.Ok so here's what you do, when you push the self destruct run to level D and when you get off the ladder go left and the gate that was there is gone.That's how it's done.Also TCB might wanna make a sequel to it, who knows what the future will hold...


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